About Us

The internet today is anything and everything to many people. Under the veil of the complexity and magic is a foundation of technologies and standards that lets everything work like the a well-oiled machine. MecroMace was initially formed in 2004 to manage the influx of information that was the internet. The internet grew and blew up around us leading us to incorporate in 2009 and grow with the internet. We have consistantly held on to the wild ride and are thriving while keeping watch on the industry's pulse for future developments. If somebody thinks it can't be done, then they haven't spoken to the right people.

What happens when somebody doesn't just think large or small, but also laterally out of the box? We are a group of problem solvers providing solutions for multi-million dollar enterprises big and small, but also laterally. Those with a view towards the large-scale have a macroscopic view and those looking at the small have a microscopic view; since we're lateral thinkers, naturally we're not just macro nor micro, but mecroscopic.

Our beginnings are humble, not from of a garage in California, but from a basement room in Florida. Formed to deliver the best in quality custom software for enterprise internet companies, the related fields grew into what we do. Hosting naturally stems from software, then networking, then clustering, then incorporating and modifying existing software, different platforms, mobile platforms and applications, and the list continues to grow exponentially. Everything with the internet is connected and we focus on that interconnection of internet technologies.

We've earned our stripes and made our keep developing high-performance scalable quality software systems for the travel, hotel, sports, collegiate, and home improvement industries. We're striving to solve problems in the best possible way, and most often the simplest solution is the best. We avoid overengineering solutions because it only leaves headaches in its wake.

Sometimes you have an existing system that you need updated or maintained, and many places will immediately say the legacy system needs to be rewritten. Although this is often the case, it's not always the best option. Large transitions have too many cogs in operation to make a switch painless we've found. After an arbitrary size has been reached, we've found it's best to maintain, expand, and gradually modify to get what you need now than risk it all on wishful thinking developing in the dark for several years. We've witnessed immense projects by others soar and fail for a variety of reasons, and we bring to the table the knowledge we've attained to only have ours soar.

Set your sights high and we'll build the ramps and ladders to reach your goal. If you dream it, we will make it happen. The impossible is always fun to do.

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