In addition to providing the right service for you, we offer a variety of our internally developed systems tailored specifically to the needs of their industries. We offer our products as potential white-label solutions to your needs. By providing you with our white-label services, you can set up your own hosting provider or choose to have us host your service for you with your full branding stretching across your application. We offer these products to you so you don't need to worry about how to do it and instead can focus on what you should be focusing on, the marketing and sales. Let us alleviate any potential headaches and drive you towards success.

Our services available to you for white-label branding:

Qwik Travel Hotel Management and Reservation Suite

The most flexible hotel management and reservation suite available to you. The Qwik Travel Hotel Suite currently powers thousands of hotel reservations and processes millions of dollars every day.

Wow! Merchant E-Commerce Suite

With the Wow! Merchant E-Commerce Suite, you're able to bring your products to your customers more easily than ever. You can choose nearly any product you can think of from our collection of vendors to offer for sale or just advertise. With the Wow! Merchant E-Commerce Suite, a shopping cart is just a click away and is available for even the most minimal of sites you may have. You don't need to install a massive shopping system for yourself. With a simple and easy to use administrative area, you can quickly manage which products to show to which customers and all without the need to know complicated software development skills.

Dyctator Project Management System

By far the most powerful and flexible issue manage system around, Dyctator tells you what to do. Whether you need a simple list of bugs to track or a multi-user, multi-project system revolving around a single installation, Dyctator is there for you. Dyctator was originally developed to solve just a handful of small problems with current issue trackers available; multiple users, multiple projects, flexibility in presentation, flexible search queries, and with a single installation. Many existing systems could do many, but none could do them all until now. With unlimited potential users, whether you're working as an individual and need a simple to-do list or you're working and a fast-paced agile development environment utilizing Scrum or Kanban practices needing a project board and buckets, Dyctator lets you do it all. Custom search flexibility allows you to dynamically reshape the way you search and interact with issues from filtering to the triggering of complex events when an issue is altered.

SportsBums Universal Sporting Platform

We provide the best solution to having a site for your pick-up team with the SportsBums Universal Sporting Platform. SportsBums was designed and developed with the arm-chair quarterback in mind to allow the flexibility to cover any and every sport imaginable. With the extension of the SportsBums Universal Sporting Platform, you can create your own games with your own rules. You can have your own white-label site for your local flag football team or perhaps that league of officebin basketball you pass around in spreadsheets instead of working. The SportsBums Universal Sporting Platform provides the power and flexibility to you so you can properly manage what you need. There really is no limit to what you can do.

Dr. Bonz Medical Suite

In today's medical world, doctors need to be online. With the Dr. Bonz Medical Suite we make it easy for medical personnel to operate online whether operating solo or as part of a large group. The Dr. Bonz Medical Suite provides the ability to offer profiles and CVs of each practitioner, educational material for services provided, and also a means to manage and pay for services rendered automatically and securely online. The Dr. Bonz Medical Suite provides the power and flexibility to reach out to your communities however you see fit with the painlessness of proper anaesthesia.

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