I'm flying pretty high right now, and it's because of a lot of things. First, I was able to snag a domain that I've been hoping would expire for years now. I'll do a writeup sometime on the process that was involved, but for now, I'm able to say that is now in good hands. I had the .net for some time now, but I'd always wanted the .com for branding purposes.

SportsBums is a site I've personally wanted for a long, long time. I wanted everything straight forward, stats, analysis, easy to navigate, and have anybody contribute. Not having the .com always made me hesitant, but I'm going full-throttle now. I was able to throw together a small application lastnight and roll out a preliminary version for the masses. It's always a great feeling to have a long-desired project finally get off the ground...if only several inches.

SportsBums is here.

Live Sport — Die Sport

Finally, no?

Well, the time has finally come for us to actually get a site of our own done instead of tend to everyone else's work. It's long overdue and has gone through no less than 5 revisions over the past 5 years; 5 years already? Wow. There's not much news at the moment aside from the fact that we're growing very rapidly at the moment and are trying to cope and survive the expansion. Some projects are still on hold, while others are quickly being green-lit. More news will follow as information is solidified, petrified, fossilized, and museumized.

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