I'm flying pretty high right now, and it's because of a lot of things. First, I was able to snag a domain that I've been hoping would expire for years now. I'll do a writeup sometime on the process that was involved, but for now, I'm able to say that is now in good hands. I had the .net for some time now, but I'd always wanted the .com for branding purposes.

SportsBums is a site I've personally wanted for a long, long time. I wanted everything straight forward, stats, analysis, easy to navigate, and have anybody contribute. Not having the .com always made me hesitant, but I'm going full-throttle now. I was able to throw together a small application lastnight and roll out a preliminary version for the masses. It's always a great feeling to have a long-desired project finally get off the ground...if only several inches. is here.

Live Sport — Die Sport

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