The Services We Provide

High Quality Efficient Software

Most companies claim to offer custom software solutions, but what they mean is they'll always use something off the shelf and try to squeeze and elephant into a peanut shell. We offer the highest quality of custom efficient software tailored perfectly to your needs and requirements. All systems are clean, thoroughly tested, easily read and maintained, and capable of being picked up by another group if that is in the future. It's common to have teams develop their way into job security, but we follow a different mantra of delivering the best quality regardless of the situation since it's best for everybody to do so. If your vision is shooting the moon, but you need to start small, then you'll be pleased to know that we can start small for you with a properly developed plan to expand into your full vision later. The worst is having a solution done without a vision for the future so there's no room for expansion. We've developed multi-million dollar enterprise systems for the travel industry that started small with basic proofs of concept that later grew into juggernauts, and we can provide the exact same deliver for you in your endeavors.

Security Auditing and Consultation

Everybody in this day in age is concerned that somebody malicious plans to steal their information or identity therefore security is of the utmost importance when it comes to internet technologies. Whether you're running on an existing system or would like to make use of something new instead, you need to make sure all of your security issues are properly addressed. We take security here more seriously than anything else since its effects are far more reaching and lasting than anything else concerning the internet. We have many years dealing with online security and we adamantly refuse to cut corners when it comes to security of sensitive information like personal information and credit cards. We have been through numerous PCI compliance audits so we know what to look for. If you need somebody to audit your system for security reasons, then we are the people to talk to. If you want consultations for other aspects such as performance and areas to reduce overhead and resources, then we're glad to offer our services to you. Don't be left in the dark without a torch; let us be your guide to the future.


Most retail commerce is moving to the internet if it hasn't already done so. It's a vast term that refers to travel accomodations, in-game app purchases, or even purchasing goods at an online store. Regardless of how you want to indulge in commerce, you're still dealing with the exchange of money. We take commerce extremely seriously here, and we will provide the best solutions for you whether it's to utilize a third-party for credit card transactions or to develop and fully PCI compliant system to handle your payments. Shopping carts, coupons, taxes, shipping and handling, variable languages, the multitude of languages and currencies, we handle it all. Our team has been through the PCI compliance process enough times and built enough online commerce systems to be able to advise and guide you through whatever needs or requests you might have for your commerce business.

Responsive Design

Many websites have separate versions for mobile devices, but in today's world with the plethora of devices there's no clear definition of what's mobile anymore. Compounding this problem further, many mobile sites are duplicates of the real one so two versions need to be maintained. Responsive design alleviates these problems and many more. When you have a site or system designed and developed responsively, it's capable of handling all devices from the smallest of smart phones to the largest jumbo screen. Everything is designed on a graduated scale of display size so no matter what device you're using, it'll always look immaculate. They best part of this isn't everything always looking svelte, but there's just one of them to maintain. If you have a store, you only update the pricing in a single system and advertise a single product page everywhere instead of having to break your campaigns into separate pieces for mobile and non-mobile.

Flexible Scaled Hosting

Everything on the internet needs to be sitting on a computer or cluster of computers somewhere. Every website, transaction, application, and all things inbetween need some way to talk to each other. Our hosting solutions offer exactly what you need and no less, but sometimes more. If you need something small and delicate to host your precious site or service, then we'll use our kid gloves to ensure nothing gets a scratch. If you need powerful replicated systems and redundant failsafes delivering super-charged services to the world, then we'll strap on our safety goggles and pull our the jackhammers to build your own Fort Knox to house your gold. This is all metaphorical of course; if you have somebody literally pull out a jackhammer to scale a cluster of databases with replication, then you should slowly back away.

Powerful Automation

A funny characteristic of many software engineers is their self-proclaimed laziness. They hate repeating the same tasks time and time again so it's often they automate them. We love automating systems here, and we take pride in it. We're not "lazy" in what we do, we're efficient. Some of our best solutions have come from highly automated systems that work so well and effortlessly, you wonder if it's actually working at all because you don't see any problems. It's an extremely satisfying feeling doubting a powerful system could be running so smoothly and efficiently without issues and checking to verify that everything is running full steam ahead. If we are doing our job properly automating our powerful systems for you, then we should appear to drift off into the shadows and our of your way waiting to jump in the moment you need us.

Mobile Support

Everybody has mobile applications, so why not have one of your own? Mobile apps come in all sizes big and small to cover phones, tablets, and even typical computers. Our team can deliver the highest quality applications for whatever you're wanting to achieve. We're familiar with the different platforms and what you can and can't do on each. From storefronts, to informative apps, and even games as sweet as a peach, you'll be proud and sassy sipping a drink and playing relaxed at the beach.

Off-the-Shelf Solutions

We know that not everybody needs a custom tailored solution fit perfectly to their needs. Sometimes, modifications of software and services provided off-the-shelf are absolutely the best solution to keep costs low and the business flowing swiftly. We know this because we use off-the-shelf software ourselves for times when we feel reinventing the wheel wouldn't be of as much value as time invested in creating our own quality custom solution. Overengineering is a problem to avoid, so don't feel pressured into doing something new when it's been done before and you just want to do it right.

Off-line Internet Technology

If you've never heard of off-line internet technology, then don't worry that you're living under a rock because it's a very novel approach we initially developed for some of our travel systems. It's not in widespread usage at the moment because everybody relies on native applications, but our off-line internet technology allows you to visit a website and have the website save its most valuable information in the background so you may access it wherever you may inconveniently need it. If you're on a plane without the new on-board internet services and you want to check your itinerary, then you can easily retrieve your information without every needing to connect. Say you're in customs and you desperately need that hotel address to provide and your papers are buried deep in your baggage, no worries. Our off-line internet technology will help you deliver your products and services to your customers and users at their most inconvenient times saving them from hassle.

Geographic Targeting

If you've ever wondered how websites and applications know where you are anywhere in the world and you want your solution to have the same ability, then we're the team to bring you across that finish line. Sometimes you want to offer simple options like defaulting to English in the USA and Canada with Spanish in Latin America, Portuguese in Brazil, and French in Quebec. Sometimes you want to stagger your e-commerce products based on your customer's location because it's harder to sell ice to an Inuit than a beach bum. Whatever you may want to do to splice up the geography, we have a toolbelt overflowing with options to help deliver your vision.

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