Why I chose Zend Framework 2

For the past month or so, I've been working on building a new application for a project from scratch, and I wanted to take the time to learn another framework in doing so. I really am a huge advocate for using off-the-shelf software like drupal, magento, and phpbb when you can, but I still love getting my hands dirty. The project has gone through several massive iterations and revamps over the years since its first concept in 2003, and I finally decided on something viable a couple years ago. The project is Wow! Merchant if anyone's curious and following along. I've been using Zend Framework 1 for years, and I've grown to love and hate it. Apparently there are ways to use it for some kind of automated development, but I use it for a skeleton MVC system with a registry and library. Key up on the automation point for it'll return later.

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